At Continuum Studio, we are committed to the fusion of fun and learning. We make games that provide endless entertainment and discovery for kids of all ages. Our aim is to inspire the next generation by opening a portal into the imagination. This means developing information-rich games centered around everyday themes, like nutrition, health, genetics, science, and more.

Our vision is to change the way kids (and kid-like grownups) think about and play video games. We want to inspire and nurture future generations by providing highly enriching, larger-than-life experiences.

The balance of game development and home life is something that we at Continuum Studio holds close our hearts. We understand that life happens and it should. So we strive to make Continuum a place where our developers love to work every day and feel proud that they do.

At Continuum Studio, we focus on making sure our community is up-to-date on all important studio-related news and information. That means engagement and communication are crucial links in the chain enabling us to connect to our community on a daily basis through social media and other platforms.

As our industry becomes permeated with micro-transactions, pay-to-play models, and expensive DLC packages, the driving factors motivating studios to make games is constantly changing. At Continuum Studio, our goal is to provide the maximum content with each game-play experience in hopes that our community will continue coming back for more.

Learning and discovery are the backbone of each experience we create at Continuum Studio. By utilizing information-rich themes inspired by everyday life, we open a portal into the imagination and use that cognitive link to promote a fun-infused style of learning that keeps kids of all ages captivated long after the first play through.

We feel that all too often, game companies focus on saturating the marketplace with carbon-copy games designed to fit an established franchise in order to cut down on cost and production time. At Continuum Studio, our emphasis is to create powerful, captivating game experiences worth remembering. 

Everyone here believes that being entertained and enjoying your work is something that makes Continuum Studio different from the rest. So whether that means spontaneous inter-departmental NERF wars, heated debates on which superhero/villan is stronger than the other, a studio-wide team building event like bowling, or simply back to the community through a charity event like Child’s Play. We provide an engaging and enthusiastic work environment that rivals our AAA competitors.