Dev Diary: Art

Adrianna O'Shea

AdriannaProfileHi everybody! I’m Adrianna, Lead Artist and Environment Artist for Continuum Studio. Project: CHAOS is finally getting rolling. A fantastic team is assembled and ready to rock. Veggies better watch out.

On the character team we have Matt Davis’s awesome concepts, Megan Chocholek’s sweet modeling skills, and the fantastic riggers Ruben Camarenu and Austin Warhola. Graziella Gandolfi is tackling the storyboards so Alex Clegg and Erik Reynoso can knock out the animations. They’re in the groove.

Juan Aguilar is taking care of the menus and HUD while in the environment corner, Tommy Suter, and myself are conquering the levels. He’s got props and weapons while I’m dealing with structure and in-engine shenanigans. We’ve got a ways to go, but the sewer is nearing completion and the pantry is off to a solid start.

I’ve never officially led a team before, so its a little nerve-wracking, but they’re so talented I know we can pull off this game and make something we can really be proud of. Of course, there have been a few challenges so far. Communication can be really difficult when there are so many people, even more so when some are remote. We’re managing, but I can’t say it hasn’t been a struggle.

Luckily, we live in the internet age and our teammates are usually no more than a Skype call away. Lately, we’ve been having “work jams” and that has really upped our team bond and our productivity at the same time. Our work jams are similar to a game jam in that we all gather in the same place (those who are in Orlando, remote people join in through Google Hangouts) and just use each other’s energy and enthusiasm to push the production of the game forward. The production has made huge strides on the weekends we decided to do this.

There are always technological challenges too. There are some struggles I’ve been having when it comes to lighting and Tommy has been wrestling with UVs on some of the weapons. Many of our artists have never used the PBR pipeline we are trying to implement, so that is another hurdle. We’ve been getting through it with help from each other though. Sometimes you just need someone to push you in the right direction.

Moving forward over the next month I think we’re going to try to have the sewer and pantry levels completely done and at least a blockout going for the fridge. We’re halfway through the weapons and we have three characters finished. We’ll probably get two or three more by the time the month is out, hopefully one of them will be a boss. I’m super excited to see how everything turns out and I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

– Adrianna O’Shea

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