Dev Diary: Code

These past couple months the team has been in high gear, working hard to complete the build for this year’s Orlando IX and Indienomicon conferences. As of late, I personally have been responsible for ensuring the project’s backend is complete. This means that all the information that needs to be saved, like kill counts and player names, makes it all the way into gameplay and back out again without a hitch. It has been somewhat difficult, as the team and I are finding new reasons and ways to more efficiently display and retain this information. Josh is hard at work on the game’s AI systems, focusing mainly on the first levels’ enemies, along with developing the way in which those enemies will approach and attack the players. Mike and Richie have been solidifying the player’s Kitchen Warfare Tech system, while the rest of the Continuum Studios team is diligently paving the way for us to demonstrate our projects and skills.

All in all, the past few months have been difficult, but rewarding. The fundamentals of our game have been established, and the morale and momentum of our team has reached unprecedented highs. Let’s see what the future has in store for this project and the team as a whole!

Casey Nairn – Design Lead

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