Dev Diary: Design


Hello all! I’m Casey, head of Design at Continuum Studio! This is the first entry for the Design Journal. Over the course of the next few months, I will transcribe my efforts, burdens, victories, and defeats into a jam-packed blog that the community as a whole can view. That way everyone can, on some level, participate and relate to the events that are described as I experience them.

I began working on this project 5 months ago, at a point in which most of the initial design process had already taken place. Malik, Dillon, and Danny, the other members that comprise the Design Department, had already done most of the design “leg work”. The only thing missing was building it all into a cohesive guideline that every department can utilize. As a learning experience, stepping into the team at that point for me was, in retrospect, was a great way to understand the working experience gained while working under asynchronous communication. I was able to contact the other members to collaborate all the pertinent information to refine the GDD in a way that didnt absorb time from others or myself.

Next on my list of things to do was to collaborate with the Development Department and resolve any past issues with the actual project, as well as begin prototyping newer systems within it. Adrianna, Simone, Josh and I took on this task by restructuring the project files, double-checking all the assets to ensure accuracy to the design. Simone and Josh began the dirty work of checking all the logic and functionality of any code or scripting involved. During this process I began to rethink any design points to make sure that they were still valid or if they required attention. The list of things I needed to check was vast, ranging from movement speed numbers to damage types and amounts.

All the design and dev work over the recent months has culminated into positive momentum for the project and company. This momentum is what keeps the Design and Dev teams going, even through trying times, such as creating a vertical slice for our recent appearance at GDC. That, I felt, was a triumphant moment for all of us. To work hard at what you love to do, along with the positive feedback from those around us in our community makes it all worthwhile.

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