GDC 2016: Produce Panic Announcement

This year, Continuum Studio (CS) had the opportunity to head to GDC 2016 in San Francisco. The event would of not been possible if the Orlando Game Booth was not initiated by Indienomicon. Indienomicon along with the greater Orlando digital media industry coordinated a shared “Orlando” booth at Game Developers Conference (GDC) to represent Orlando’s independent game studios. Continuum Studio’s intentions at the show were to show off our tech demo of our game-play, look for new talent, seek out an attorney, and build camaraderie with the other Orlando companies. Both Casey Hardin and myself represented CS out at GDC. Our Produce Panic Demo was shown 24/7 during the Expo floor time. We got extremely good feedback that was able to take back to help improve our technical under-workings of the build. During the three days, several potential applicants were interested in CS so we told them about the website and where to apply. During the time were we were at the booth, CS was the most active via social media and on of the greater booth presents during the show. Overall, we had a great show and would love to go again. Being apart of the Orlando Game Booth was a very smart move for CS within the Orlando Digital Media industry. We hope it leads to bigger and better things for us in the future. Please make sure you check out our Facebook for any all videos from said event.

The Orlando media industry companies involved are as follows: Phyken Media, Cherry Pie Games, Steamroller Studios, Chronosapien Interactive, Black Banshee Studios, Free Dominion Studios, Cellec Games, 302, WAS Games, GameSim, Continuum Studio, ECSorl, UnifiedSounds, Iron Galaxy, Hashbang Games, and Triskelia Games.

Community Organizations: Burnout Game Ventures, Indienomicon, Orlando Tech Association, Indie Galactic Space Jam, Orlando Game Space, and  IGDA Orlando.

Local Ecosystem partners: Configurations, Spark Rocket Marketing, The Tech Law Firm, Highwinds, DMAF, Cresa, and Eustis.


Chad Hoover, CEO/Founder

Continuum Studio

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