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We had the opportunity to visit the Peanut Butter Palace located in East Orlando to learn about locally grown organic food, living sustainable, and fostering a cooperative creative community. Current co-op members Justin, Matt, and Michael gave us a personal tour of the location. We were allowed to help build new self-containing gardens in the front of the house. We proceeded to level the ground and dig holes to be able to place logs inside of them as we stack them about two foot high. Next, we filled in the gardens with mulch, banana leaves, organic mesh and then topped with dirt.  Below is a little about the Peanut Butter Palace and what they offer so far.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, each individual that lives there contributes a diverse array of skillsets and insights to helping the community thrive. They aim to inspire and involve the surrounding community in creating a fulfilling lifestyle based around sustainability. Currently, the Palace is developing sustainable systems through experimenting with permaculture, composting, vermiculture, aquaponics, livestock, huguelkultur and soil regeneration. Through these on-site projects they are hoping to increase the local, organic food production and to share the abundance of food and knowledge with the community. In addition to all of the hard work that they put in, they make sure to make time for play and hope that you will join them in the celebration of life!

Current Palance Members: Matt Sosa, Justin Marcano, David Warfel, Michael Hnatiuk, David Kimbal, Summer Toler, and Hae-Yuan Chang

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