OrlandoIX October 2016

This October, Continuum Studio had the opportunity to be apart of OrlandoIX. This was our second year being apart of this event here in Florida.¬†OrlandoiX is the Southeast’s largest celebration of creators in video games, virtual reality, and immersive experiences. Open to professionals and consumers, OrlandoiX 2016 featured over 100 interactive experiences, industry leading keynotes, speaker presentations, gaming tournaments, game developer conference, and networking opportunities.

As a studio, we focused on showing off the pre-alpha tech demo of Produce Panic. The team worked for 2 months on putting a build together to address the new weapon system we have in place. It utilized a system that has 6 core weapons with currently 5 attachments that you can pick up. The current selection of pickups are aged cheese, flour(confusion/flour), lighter(DoT), corn syrup(slow), and liquid nitrogen(stun). Overall, we had a really great showing thru the multiple days. We took a very interesting approach to showing off the demo. The first day we treated it as a UX kind of day. We tried to get as much play time with as many people as possible. The team documented a majority of the feedback. That evening we updated the build and implemented the larger feedback points given during day 1. We encouraged the attendees to come back and try the updated build. The attendees were largely impressed on the improvements to the build. So we will continue to work on the build and get ready for the next time we show it off. Be on the lookout!

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