Continuum Studio offers a full service production studio from concept to completion.

We offer game engine development, UX, rigging, modeling, concept art, and many more areas of interest.  We are professional and driven that aim for quality and on time delivery.

Our talent are tops in their graduating class. The key management has just over a decade of experience on multiple platforms.



Programming is the key to success of any quality production within this industry. We have worked in C++, C#, Blueprint, Java, and more.


Concepts are created with each background and role in mind. Various processes from silhouettes and gestures up until the final details are handled with care that tells a story all on its own.


Our skill set allows us to create an assortment of environments to fit a variety of art styles. From research, then thumbnails, color studies and render to help further the look and feel of the worlds we create.


Rigging and animating is an immersive and convincing performance that carries real weight and emotion with it. We build up a system of joints and control handles so that our animators are not limited by the rig but empowered by it. Our riggers work hand in hand with our animators to ensure the best possible rig with maximum flexibility.


We understand how to sculpt an amazing 3D model for any need combined with our talented concept and texture artists, we are able to deliver Hi or low detailed meshes in exceptional quality that are up to spec and follow the design. 


We have adapted PBR into our texturing pipeline, using Substance Designer from Allegorithmic. The results are visually stunning yet at a smaller memory footprint than when creating assets with the more traditional pipeline.


At Continuum Studio, we bring together our training and expertise in wielding this AAA engine for PC, Console and VR development.


Our expertise in Unity ranges from puzzle, quiz, arcade, adventure, casual and other game genres, maximizing the potential for cross-platform.


Our designers take pride in crafting well-balanced and engaging experiences that bring value and fun to the player. From Concept to Testing, Continuum Studio can be your one stop show for design.


Virtual Reality is the cutting edge and is the future of the interactive industry. Continuum Studio can package any of our other services and deliver them to you in these bold new formats.